Are Aura Readings Considered Psychic Readings?

Are Aura Readings Considered Psychic Readings?

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Both aura readings and psychic readings can help reveal energy disorders.

Aura readings are one of the most sought after types of psychic readings. Auras are energy bodies that are electromagnetic in nature. A gifted psychic can interpret an aura during aura readings. During aura readings, the psychic will examine the various colors of the energy bodies (energy fields) that surround you. They will disclose the tons of information contained in your energy field. This information tells them about who you are at a deeper level. It also tells them what your spiritual purpose may be, similar to other types of psychic readings.

Goals in Psychic Readings or Aura Readings

Like other psychic readings, there are a lot of goals associated with aura readings. One of the primary goals is to examine your current energy to see how it is affecting your present circumstances. Sometimes your energy fields can be linked to psychic information. An aura reader may see a certain color in your aura and connect it to a particular experience that has influenced you as a person and has influenced the choices you’ve made.

Revealing Blocked Energy in Aura Readings (or Psychic Readings)

Another goal of an aura reading is to discover the areas where you may be emotionally blocked and unblock them. If you are emotionally blocked, psychic readings will help you move through these blocks, release the negative energy attached to them, and help you process important feelings. An aura reader can help connect you to your own psychic energy, must like a clairvoyant or psychic mediums can in other psychic readings. By doing this, the aura reader is giving you control of your life. You will be able to make better choices in your life, because you are now tapped into your own psychic energy and can use your intuition to guide you through life.

Deciphering the Information in Aura Readings or Psychic Readings

In aura readings or psychic readings, an aura reader will use their psychic powers to get a clear picture of who you are when he or she examines your energy field and the various colors your aura is emitting. Some aura readers may decipher what your spiritual life lessons may be during the psychic readings. They can use your auras to discover your true life purpose. They use your aura reading to teach you about your personal truths, to help you develop your spirituality, and to help you make better life choices. Lastly, a psychic aura reading will help you shift your consciousness. By understanding your own energy and aura by having psychic readings or aura readings, you will get to know yourself.

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